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Saturday January 21, 2017

Every first snowfall, I used to hit the ditch. Maybe it’s because I was used to driving fast on rough, flat surfaces and didn’t have my winter reflexes. Whatever the reason, I would call our friend Gerry Voyer and ask him to pull me out. A couple of times, this happened on our country road and I’d walk to Gerry’s garage where he’d get out his truck and take me to the scene of the "accident." One winter’s day, I was taking a long stroll down MacPherson Drive when Gerry passed me in his truck. He stopped, rolled down his window and sighed. "OK," he said. "Where is it?" He thought I had hit the ditch again and was coming for help. It was then that I realized just how often I had run off the road!

Saturday January 14, 2017

Our small, black Spaniel, Willy, never barked when a stranger came to the door. He would probably have welcomed an assailant on a dark street, but when the snowplow came up our long country drive, he became Superdog. He was a flea against an elephant; threatening the plow as it advanced and sure he had won when it backed away. He’d bark himself silly every time our driveway was cleared and it always made me laugh!

Friday December 30, 2016

One of the best New Year’s Eves we ever spent was the first year we stayed home with the kids. We had a junk food dinner, watched the celebrations on TV, and went to bed just after midnight. The next time we tried this, the charm had worn off a bit, and after that, we let serendipity take her course. The first time was the best time and something to remember.

Sunday December 25, 2016

This is what I do and have always done: I carefully remove wrapping paper from a gift and fold it gently for reuse. I then try to use it as packing material, if possible. I also keep the bows. Good ones I do reuse, especially the ones I make myself. Both my daughter, Katie, and I have a wrapping space in our homes–complete with paper, tape, ribbon and cards. It drives me crazy to see someone scrunching up and discarding a perfectly good bow. I have launched myself across a room to grab a bow before the gift recipient casually crushed it into a ball!

I love gift-wrapping and I prefer to make my own bows. I learned how to do this when I was about 8. Before the introduction of commercially-crafted gift toppers, the making of an attractive bow was an art. At the back of our jewelry store on Lonsdale, we had a gift-wrapping table. My mom did gift wrapping as a courtesy to our customers and she taught me how to make her famous bows. If you’d like to learn how, you can watch my quick video tutorial here.