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Tuesday November 7, 2017

All of the Remembrance day strips were done for my mother, my dad, and his brother who were all veterans of the Second World War. My dad was an instrument mechanic and my mother ordered all the parts for the aircraft. They met in England and had some wonderful stories to tell. Uncle Joe was a motorcycle dispatch rider. He never spoke about the war.

Tuesday October 31, 2017

One of our dental suppliers made up special gift boxes for Halloween. In each box was a small tube of toothpaste, a small spool of floss, and a brand new toothbrush. Year after year we gave out toothbrushes and toothpaste for Halloween until I thought we would get egged for not giving out candy. I then switched to candy bars. When Halloween was over that year, one of the local moms stopped me on the street and asked why we’d changed our routine. As it turned out, a lot of kids were looking forward to getting a new toothbrush!