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Sunday March 3, 2013

Lynn’s Notes:

Loretta and Gail are the names of two Lynn Lake friends. I used their names here just to have some fun. The trouble was that the real Loretta looked so much like Connie Poirier (Elly Patterson’s neighbour and good friend) that I literally drew two Connies! The artist who was helping me with the colouring knew Loretta. She became confused and gave “Connie,” who was seated, dark hair and made the arriving “Loretta” blonde — which, in real life she is. In order to keep continuity and separate two characters, which had been drawn so alike, we had to make the character Connie blonde and my friend Loretta dark.

Still with me? My friend Loretta was now unrecognizable in the strip. A better artist might have been able to draw the two sufficiently well to have avoided this conundrum altogether. I am often asked to do caricatures, and this is why I turn folks down!