Monthly Archives: October 2015

Tuesday October 6, 2015

Lynn’s Notes:

In my northern Ontario living room, I had several spectacular plants. One was "Rupert," a large 40 year old jade plant, the only plant I’ve ever named. Rupert was named because he stayed with me, no matter what. Every other house plant had died from maladies related to neglect; the plants that made up the lovely jungle in my window were simply survivors in spite of me. "Rupe" hung in there, no matter what. He was in for the long haul…and we hauled him from Lynn Lake, Manitoba to to North Bay, Ontario.

I have just sold my northern home and have moved to BC where friends and family reside, and winter is like a northern spring. The lovely folks who bought my Ontario home, graciously accepted the gift of my three big plants, one of which was Rupert! Just before the moving van was about to leave the driveway, and Katie, Lane and the kids were set for their long drive across Canada, Katie ran into my empty house and took a piece of Rupert. "He has to come with us to Vancouver!" she said. After all this time, you can’t abandon a friend!

Saturday October 10, 2015

Lynn’s Notes:

We once owned the full set of The Encyclopaedia Britannica. I bought this enormous set of books when we lived in tiny Lynn Lake, Manitoba. It was an arctic community into which you really had to fly. At the time, the population wasn’t much more than 1200. There was only one radio station, there was no library, and the newspaper came a day late. Other than folks selling things like Avon, there were no door-to-door salespeople…it was just too far to go! When a young Britannica salesman came to our door, I was surprised. I invited him in. I had been thinking that in this area some encyclopaedias would be a great investment. He started to rattle off his pitch, but I stopped him and said it was OK! I was going to buy the whole set! He looked me in the eye in absolute disbelief. "Lady," he said, "I have flown to just about every small community in northern Manitoba, and you are my very first sale!"

Tuesday October 13, 2015

Lynn’s Notes:

For awhile, I organized the schedules for performers interested in touring northern Manitoba. I would go to an event in Winnipeg called "Contact," where performers would showcase their work and arrange with people, like myself, to go to remote communities. By scheduling them into several towns at a time, we were able to get some wonderful shows into the north; dance, magic, bands and theatre delighted everyone, and selfishly, I got to meet and get to know some of the people we hosted.

Wednesday October 14, 2015

Lynn’s Notes:

Lynn Lake did not have the best hotel, so performers were billeted with families in town. We had a great downstairs retreat in our house — a huge party room with two fold-out couches, a bar, and a Jacuzzi. One of the performers I remember most was Brian Glow, a magician who brought his entire kit of special effects to our house. He was a lot of fun and very good at his craft, but no matter what he did to surprise us, my son, then about four, was un-convinced of Brian’s magic abilities.

Brian made coins and cards disappear. He pulled live birds out of his sleeve, and Aaron would say "but can you make it rain? Can you fly? Can you turn into a dog?"

Brian soon had the look of a man ready to run, so I made Aaron disappear. The resulting quiet was…magic.

Thursday October 15, 2015

Lynn’s Notes:

One of the neat things about living in a small town is that you have access to so many things just because you know the people who work there. I came to admire and respect the woman who ran the Capitol Centre Theatre in North Bay. The first time I met Dee she was wearing overalls and was on her hands and knees in the basement trying to get the boiler to work. I asked her why she was the one who had to do this and she said, "We can’t afford a maintenance guy…this is a theatre!"

Tuesday October 20, 2015

Lynn’s Notes:

This scenario is from a Little Lulu cartoon I read as a kid. Little Lulu had found a potato which looked exactly like her friend Tubby. When he found out, he went crazy and chased her all over town to get it. The story line ended with him eating the raw potato. I thought it was hilarious! Funny…the things you remember.