Monthly Archives: April 2016

Monday April 4, 2016

The two-step was one dance we did manage to get down. When we figured the waltz was sort of like a slow polka, we aced that one, too—but anything else was a shuffling tangle of feet. I now watch "Dancing With The Stars" with my mouth open in awe. (I might also be eating popcorn.)

Wednesday April 6, 2015

This is true. Both parties do have to want to learn how to dance. It’s an activity that requires concentration and some passion, too. I think my husband regarded ballroom dancing the way I regard golf: It’s a neat thing to be able to do, but please don’t ask me to do it!

Thursday April 7, 2016

I thought for sure I’d have to change this punch line. Things relating to birth control or anything related to sex was, and still is, a very sensitive topic. Maybe the editors were feeling charitable…or maybe they just agreed!

Monday April 11, 2016

This strip took me back in a flash to high school and the endless deadline-related assignments we had to do. Looking back, I realized how important it was to have to adhere to a time limit. I would never have been able to do THIS job if I hadn’t learned some discipline then!

Saturday April 16, 2016

My brother’s anxious phone calls leading up to his wedding day, were hilarious. He wasn’t unsure, he was just overwhelmed. Having been a musician all his life, he’d been a very independent guy. Marriage was going to change everything!

Sunday April 17, 2016

"Should I or should I not cut my hair?" This was a recurring concern for me. Since I was 18, I had worn my hair long, but now and then I yearned for a new look. It took time to grow my hair. Cutting it was a huge decision, and it was one that nobody in the family wished to weigh in on. In the strip, Elly Patterson wore her hair long and tied back—the way I did. Readers would often say, "Why doesn’t Elly get a new hairstyle? She looks so old fashioned—so the same!"” The thing is…a comic strip character has to have a certain "look"; a certain sameness so that continuity is kept from year to year. To cut Elly’s hair would have created a major change in the way I drew her (almost as traumatizing as cutting the hair on my head). So, both Elly Patterson and I retained the same look for many years. I did, however, allow myself the fun of changing the way the kids looked. This is all part of the subtle "rule of thumb" which governs the way we draw and perceive the characters in syndicated comics!

Thursday April 28, 2016

I recently confessed to my daughter that if I were a teen-ager now, I’d likely dye my hair blue and want a tattoo somewhere. She looked at me in shock! She obviously doesn’t know the real me! I’d have done it to fit in, but I’d also have done it to upset my mother!