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Tuesday November 1, 2016

When my son, Aaron, was about two and a half years old, I enticed him into the bath, telling him he could have any colour water he wanted. I put a box of food colouring on the edge of the tub and he chose blue. I let him put a few drops into the water, and just as his blue bath was ready, the phone rang. The kitchen phone was right around the corner. I briefly talked to a friend as I listened to Aaron playing in the bath. I couldn’t, however, see what he was doing.

I soon returned to the bathroom. I’d left the box of dye where he could reach it, and he had emptied every bottle into the tub. My son was sitting in a dark, murky swamp happy as a clam. I lifted him out of the water, and was surprised to see that his small behind had been dyed a dark, greenish-blue like an Easter egg. I thought it was funny, but Aaron was terrified. "I’ve got a green BUM!" He wailed. "I got a green bum!!!!" The colour lasted for over a week. He went to daycare afraid to ask for help in the bathroom in case someone saw. Fortunately, the staff had been forewarned and had the courtesy not to laugh out loud! This is a story I haven’t let him forget.