Monthly Archives: April 2017

Monday April 3, 2017

Aaron made some wonderful friends during his short-lived hockey career; truly the best part of the game was the camaraderie. I just wished the coaches and the parents weren’t so determined to win!

Thursday April 6, 2017

I recently discovered a "contract" written by my father-in-law and signed by my son; an agreement to do yard work for a fee. It stated that the signee had to be on time and responsible, that the work had to be well done, and the tools had to be put away afterwards. As I recall, the yard work was done once acceptably. Sadly, some contracts are just made to be broken!

Wednesday April 12, 2017

At a book fair, I once saw a famous guy sign a banana. I guess the moral of the story is, "nothing lasts forever." Bananas, by the way, are nice to draw on with a ball point pen…Check it out…The next day, the art is even better!

Friday April 14, 2017

These characters were fun to work with. They gave me the opportunity to see into an older girl’s life. The problem was, my main characters drove the strip, so I really couldn’t focus too heavily, or too often, on the secondary ones. In a TV sit-com, there can be a variety of situations all at once. A strip is too slow and too confining.

Sunday April 16, 2017

Sometimes it’s hard to find something to say about these strips! This one is interesting only in that my colourist, Francie, and I had a discussion about the colour of the chocolate bunnies in panels 8 and 9. She wanted to make them brown chocolate. I said brown wouldn’t show up in the packages, so to make them white. Well, as usual, readers sent their own thoughts, and Francie was right. I was surprised by the number of folks who had never heard of white chocolate, and those who had said it wasn’t really chocolate at all. This was before the internet, so these were actual letters! Sometimes the simplest of subjects brought in the most mail.

Friday April 21, 2017

Old English Sheepdogs are a load of work. They pick up the great outdoors and bring it right into your living room. They are walking dust-mops. Even a daily brushing does little to keep the dirt at bay. Eventually, you sort of give up and learn to live with the mess. Like kids, it’s a good thing we love them!

Sunday April 23, 2017

My husband and I rarely raised our voices to one another. This Sunday page actually came about after one of my friends in town told me this had happened to her. I never told her I was going to use the story in the strip, and she never approached me about it afterwards. Either she never read the strip or never associated the story with herself and her husband. Lucky for me!

Wednesday April 26, 2017

The first year it was my turn to host kids from the out of town hockey team, I prepared for mayhem. I bought kid-friendly food items, borrowed strong camping gear and restocked my first aid kit. I was going to hold up under pressure…after all, other moms did!

Friday April 28, 2017

Six 10-12 year olds fit themselves into our basement with one more sharing the bunks in Aaron’s room. I was surprised by how many brought their own pillow. Each pillow was a treasured object not to be trifled with!

Saturday April 29, 2017

We all hear complaints about young people; how disrespectful and inconsiderate, how noisy and unruly they can be. The kids who stayed with us for the hockey tournaments, however, were the easiest kids I’d ever had the pleasure to deal with! So the story running here was more about creating an interesting cartoon than it was about telling the truth!