Monthly Archives: September 2017

Saturday September 2, 2017

Creating storylines for the strip allowed me to go back and forth between child and grownup. As Elly, I would live in the moment; talk about the day-to-day things a mom might deal with. As Michael, entering junior high school, I would become a teenager again. It doesn’t take much to open up those difficult, exciting, passionate, and intensely private times. Try it. Take yourself back to grade 8 and see how much you remember. When adults dismiss teenagers as being "just kids," we are forgetting how brilliant, aware, creative and fragile we were.

Monday September 11, 2017

I did this. I had become somewhat good at wallpapering and offered to do my mother-in-law’s kitchen. She chose a Lily of the Valley pattern, and it wasn’t until I’d finished the entire room that she noticed the blossoms were upside down!

Tuesday September 12, 2017

When I wrote about the children in the strip, I tried to create situations that were very obviously not about my own children. Nonetheless, Aaron had to explain over and over that Martha didn’t exist! He even got a letter from a Martha, wondering if she was "the one."

Tuesday September 19, 2017

This is from my childhood. I used to lean on my mom when she was cooking and annoy my dad when he was reading the paper, and at the time, I didn’t know why. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized I was looking for affection. It’s not always easy or convenient to stop what you’re doing and hug your kids, but when I was a young mom, I tried.