Monthly Archives: February 2018

Saturday February 17, 2018

When the "Mike and Martha" series was running for the first time, my son was being asked at school who the heck Martha was. He told everyone there was no Martha and that his mother had just made her up. Nobody believed him—even though they were with him every day and could see that Martha didn’t exist. Strange how closely my kids were compared to the kids in the strip—even though I had changed their ages, their names and their circumstances.

Sunday February 25, 2018

The other punch line I had for this strip was the kid yelling in the last panel: "Don’t touch me!" That idea has been done quite a lot, so I had the assistant fall asleep instead. This wasn’t one of my best Sunday pages, but when you’re on a deadline, you sometimes turn in something you’re not crazy about. Here, I felt that the drawing was sufficiently well done to carry the strip, but when it came out in the paper, I wished I’d given it another ending!