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Sunday July 29, 2018

Lynn's Comments: My partner hates to shop for clothing. If I am lucky enough to steer him into a men’s wear store, I have to be careful not to be too enthusiastic, too desperate or too demanding. A few weeks ago, we were successfully collecting things for him to wear on a Mexican vacation. Miserable, he had tried on shorts, shirts and two pairs of light pants. Some of these were going to work!

As I waited outside the changing room, I could hear him mumbling about the music. It was the awful boomf-boomf you hear everywhere; the kind with a wailing auto-tuned voice and repeated lyrics, repeated percussion. Suddenly, he burst out of the cubicle and sprinted for the exit door. I ran after him with the clothing and he told me to leave it all behind. "What’s wrong?" I hollered as he headed for the car. "I can't stand the music any longer!" he cried. "It’s driving me crazy!"

It had been driving me crazy, too. As we drove away without our purchase, I wondered who in the world chooses that awful music, and if anyone had done a study on the economic loss to retail shops, bars and restaurants since this stuff began to "stream"!
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