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Friday October 23, 2020

Lynn's Comments: This was a segue into the introduction of the teacher in a wheelchair. I had wanted to show someone in a chair for a while, but didn’t know how or when to do it. Strange, since we all know someone who is disabled. Miss Edwards became a favourite character, but again, I had little space in which to feature one of Elizabeth's teachers.

Thursday October 22, 2020

Lynn's Comments: This is where I used alliteration as a punch line. When writing a short story, I had to produce some daily "wit" even if there was nothing to hang it on. "I think they're all creepth!!"—"I think they’re all curious." I tied up the 4 panels as best I could with these almost rhyming comments.

Friday October 16, 2020

Lynn's Comments: This thumb sucking appliance is a small metal wire contraption that is glued into a child's mouth. This tiny appliance has tiny prongs on it which makes sucking uncomfortable and (hopefully) breaks the habit. Too bad there isn't something similar for smoking!

Wednesday October 14, 2020

Lynn's Comments: This is a real problem. After living and working with a dentist, I could tell from a child's dentition if he or she had been sucking their thumb for too long. I knew about these appliances to stop the habit...they were unpleasant, but they worked!

Sunday October 4, 2020

Lynn's Comments: The garbage dump in Lynn Lake, Manitoba was called, "The Exchange." Folks were leaving town on a regular basis and often the dump was a treasure trove of unwanted but really good stuff. I do remember getting all excited about a trip to the "nuisance grounds." Sometimes I brought home more than I threw away.