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Friday May 7, 2021

Lynn's Comments: I once asked my kids to put their names on the items in my home that they might want when I'm no longer here. Neither of them wanted to do anything so dramatic and personal! So, I'm hoping I can remember what they've mentioned over the years!

Wednesday May 5, 2021

Lynn's Comments: In our case, there was no pump organ, but both of us wanted things that were full of childhood memories. I was happy to have my dad's collection of First Nations art and my brother wanted things that had belonged to our grandfather. It's great to see these things lovingly kept in our own homes now. I can't imagine what folks go through when they lose their home to a fire or flood— family heirlooms connect you to your past and to your heritage. They are priceless.

Monday May 3, 2021

Lynn's Comments: I've spent a great deal of time now visiting my aunt in a senior's residence, and it's clear to me that when you are ready to have a small, secure home with medical help and regular prepared meals, you are definitely ready! The one thing my aunt is saddened by is the strangeness of being surrounded by very old people all the time! The only young people are staff members and visitors. When I take her into town for a change of scene, she will say, "This is normal! Everyone is here...young, old, and in between!"

Friday April 30, 2021

Lynn's Comments: I taught both my kids to drive. They also went to drivers' training. One thing that has saved my bacon over and over is knowing "the rules of the road"...and every day I see folks who don’t know half of them!