Collection Books:

1981) I’ve Got The One-More-Washload Blues
1982) Is This “One of Those Days”, Daddy?
1983) It Must Be Nice to Be Little
1983) More Than a Month of Sundays
1984) Just One More Hug
1984) Our Sunday Best
1985) The Last Straw
1986) Keep the Home Fries Burning
1987) It’s All Downhill From Here
1988) Pushing 40
1989) A Look Inside…For Better or For Worse: The 10th Anniversary Collection
1990) If This is a Lecture, How Long Will it Be?
1991) What, Me Pregnant?
1992) Things are Looking Up
1993) There Goes My Baby!
1994) It’s the Thought That Counts: The 15th Anniversary Collection
1995) Starting From Scratch
1996) Love Just Screws Everything Up
1997) Growing Like a Weed
1998) Middle Age Spread
1999) Sunshine & Shadow
1999) The Lives Behind the Lines : 20 Years of For Better or For Worse
2000) The Big 5-0
2001) Graduation: A Time For Change
2002) Family Business
2003) With This Ring
2003) Reality Check
2004) Suddenly Silver : Celebrating 25 Years of For Better or For Worse
2005) Striking a Chord
2005) Never Wink at a Worried Woman
2006) She’s Turning Into One of Them!
2007) Teaching…is a Learning Experience!
2007) Seniors’ Discount
2008) Home Sweat Home
2009) Just a Simple Wedding

Special Editions:

1996) Remembering Farley
2001) All About April : Our Little Girl Grows Up!

Treasury Books:

2011) Something Old, Something New
2011) In The Beginning, There Was Chaos
2013) Making Ends Meet
2014) It’s One Thing After Another

Lynn’s Biography:

2015) For Better or For Worse: The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston