"Apple Core" computer 57 Chevy a.v. cart abandoned motel acne cream acorn action figure address book adoption papers Aerobics outfit Afterburner 600XZ airbrush air conditioner air mattress airplane alarm clock alien costume alka-seltzer alley allowance American flag amp angel Anishinabek Nation logo answering machine ant antenna anthill antlers apartment building apology letter apothecary jar apple apple core apple juice April apron aquarium arcade game armchair art article ashtray aspirin atlas ATM autoclave award axe B.O. Shirt baby bonnet baby book baby bottle baby carriage baby carrier baby clothes baby food baby photo baby seat baby sling baby stuff baby wipes backhoe backpack bacon bacon grease badminton birdie badminton net badminton racket bag bagels baggage baggage carousel bagged lunch bagged salad baggy shirt bag of buns bag of candy bag of chips bag of cookies bag of dog poop bag of flour bag of groceries bag of kibble bag of mail bag of milk bag of papers bag of peanuts bag of popcorn bags bait bucket bait shack bake sale flyer baking baking mix baking sheet baking supplies bale of hay ball ball of yarn balloon ball pit baloney banana banana peel band-aid bandage band saw bankbook bank statement banner bar barbecue Barbra Streisand mask barn barrel baseball baseball bat baseball cap baseball glove basket basketball basket of apples baskets bassinet bat bathing suit bathrobe bathroom bathroom stall bath toys bathtub batman batman costume batter bbq sauce beach beach umbrella bear bearskin rug beauty products bed bed frame bedroom suite bedside table bed skirt bedspread beer beer cases beets bell belly button belly dancer costume belt bench bicycle Big Ben bike helmet bikini bills binder bingo card binoculars bionic bruce bird birdcage bird feeder birdhouse birdhouse plans birdie birding book birds nest bird trap birthday cake biscuit mix biscuits black bananas blackboard black cloud blade blanket blanket fort bleach blender blindfold block of wood blocks bluejay blueprints blush board board game boarding pass boat body stocking boiled egg bok choy bone bonsai book bookcase boomerang boots Boppy The Clown bottle bottled water bottle of bleach bottle of change bottle of cherries bottle of perfume bottle of pop bottle of water bottle of wine boulders bouquet bowl bowl of candy bowl of cereal bowl of chips bowl of dough bowl of food bowl of fruit bowl of icing bowl of popcorn bowl of potatoes bowl of potato salad bowl of salad bowl of soup bowl of water bows box boxes of slides box of books box of cereal box of chocolates box of clothes box of cookies box of crayons box of diapers box of food box of macaroni box of maternity and baby clothes box of memories box of photos box of rabbit food box of raisins box of snacks box of tissues box of toys bra bra form bran brandy bread bread basket bread dough bridesmaid dress bridge briefcase British Parliament Building broccoli brochure broken bottle broken glass broken lamp broken vase broken window broom brownie mix brownies brush bubble bath bubble gum bubbles bubble wand bucket bucket hat buds buffet bug bug costume bug hat bug spray building plans bullhorn bunch of balloons bunch of grapes costume bunch of roses bundt cake pan bunk bed bunny bunny costume bunny slippers burger burglar alarm burned hamburger burneeze bus bush Bushwhacker bus stop bus stop sign bust bustier bustle butter butterfly butter tart button buzzword bingo c.d. player cabinets cage cake cake mix calculator calendar calf camera camera equipment campfire camp stove can Canadian flag candelabra candle candle holder candy candy bag candy bar candy cane candy wrapper cane canister canisters canned goods canoe canoe paddles can of beans can of beer can of juice can of paint can of peaches can of pop can of tuna can opener cape car car brochure card cardboard box card file cards car keys Carmen Miranda costume carnival game carol book carousel carpet carpet samples carrot car seat cart carton of milk carving car wash case of bananas case of pop cases of beer cash cash register casserole cast castle cat catalog cat bowl cat carrier caterpillar cat finder cat toy catwoman costume cayenne pepper CDs cedar chest ceiling fan celery cellphone cement mixer central vacuum cereal ceremonial blanket cessna 180 chain chain link fence chainsaw chair chalkboard change change room changing table chart check checkbook checked pants checked shirt checkerboard checkered shorts checkers checkout cheese cheese grater cheese sandwich cheeze blams chef's hat cherry chess board chess pieces chest hair chick chicken chicken costume chicken leg chicken wrap chili chin hair chips chisel chocolate bar chocolate bunny chocolate masque chocolate pudding chocolate rabbit choko puffs chopsticks chore list Christmas baking Christmas balls Christmas cards Christmas catalog Christmas cookie Christmas decorations Christmas dinner Christmas lights Christmas ornaments Christmas present Christmas stocking Christmas tree Christmas tree stand Christmas wrap Christmas wreath cigar cigarette cigarette butt cinnamon rolls circular saw claim form clay cleaner cleanser cliffs clock closet cloth clothes clothes closet clothesline clothespins clothes rack cloud of snow clouds clown clown costume clown doll clown mask CN Tower coat coat closet coat hanger coat hook coat rack cocktail coconuts coffee maker coffee table coin cold drink cold remedies collagen college brochures cologne colouring book columns comb combine comics compass compost bin computer concrete concrete mixer cone of shame confetti container continuing education catalog cookbook cookie cookie cutter cookie dough cookie jar cookies and milk cooking utensils cooler corn Corn Popper cosmetics costume cottage cotton ball cotton candy cotton rolls couch couch cushion cough syrup counter coupon cow cowboy boots cowboy hat crash crate crawl space crayon cream creamer creme crib crockpot crocus crop top crowd cruise ship crutches cubbyhole cubicles cucumber cue cards cummerbund cup cupboard cupcake cup of coffee cup of hot milk cup of tea cups curb curlers curling iron curtains cut cutting board cymbals daffodil Dagwood sandwich dandelion date squares dead plant dead skunk dead squirrel dead toad deck of cards decorating books decorations deer repellant delivery men dental appliance dental chair dental chart dental dam dental drill dental floss dental impression dental instruments dental shield dental tray dentures deodorant desk desk chair dessert detergent devil mask diagram diaper diaper bag diary dictionary diet book digital camera dining car dinner roll dinner table diploma dirt dirty clothes dirty diaper dirty dishes dirty laundry dirty sock discman disco ball dishes dish rack dish soap dish towel dishwasher disinfectant display case displays disposable diapers diving board dock dog dog bed dog biscuit dog bone dog bowl dog crate dog food dog hair dog kennel dog training book doll dollar bill doll clothes doll head dollhouse dolly drool dominoes donation box donation kettle donut door doorknob door stopper double decker bus dough downspout drafting table drawer drawers drawing drawing of Becky dreadlocks dreamcatcher dress dresser dress form drill drill press drink crystals drinking box drinks drive-through driveway driving gloves drum drum kit dryer dryer sheet drying rack duck duct tape dumbbells dumpster dump truck dust bunny dustpan dye earbuds earmuffs earrings Easter basket Easter bonnet Easter bunny Easter egg Easter eggs Easter flyer egg cartons egg cup eggs egg timer elastic elastic band electrical cord electric guitar electric shaver Emetix poster empty bag of potato chips empty plate encyclopedia engagement ring enlarger envelope eraser escalator essay evening primrose oil exam exer-trimmer exercise bike exercise equipment exercise outfit expired food explorer exterior light eye chart fabric samples face cream fairy costume fake teeth false pregnancy belly falsie fan Farley farmer's market farmer costume farmhouse father's day card faucet felt pens fence ferris wheel fiberglass fickle finger fiddle Fidel Castro mask file files filing cabinet film reel film rolls finger paint fire fire escape fire extinguisher fire hydrant fireplace fireplace brush firewood first aid kit fish fish bowl fishing boat fishing hat fishing rod flabredux flagpole flamingos flashlight flatbed flat of plants flippers flour flower flower bed flower catalog flower costume flower planter flower pot flowers fly fly swatter folded laundry folding cot food food processor football footprints forget-me-nots fork forklift formal dress for sale sign fox framing Frankenstein's monster mask freezer french braids french fries fridge fridge box fridge magnets fried eggs friendship ring fries frilly dress frisbee frog front door frozen juice frozen lasagna frozen peas fruit bowl fruit plate frying pan Frypan Magic cookbook fudgie-pop full diaper funky socks fun with meatloaf Fun With Wheat Germ cookbook fur ball fur coat furniture furniture polish furniture store fuzzy slippers fuzzy socks game garage garbage garbage bag garbage can garbage can lid garden garden hose gardening gloves gardening tools garden shears Garfield piggy bank Garfield toy garland garlic garlic dills gas pump gate gaudy skirt geraniums ghost ghost costume giant birthday card gift bag gift box gift wrap gingerbread man girdle glass glass angel glasses glass of champagne glass of juice glass of Metamucil glass of milk glass of water glassware globe gloves glue glue stick go-kart goggles goldfish gold plaster owl goo Gooballs candy goodbye card good checkup prize box graduation dress graduation gown graffiti grapes grape soda grass grasshopper grave gravestone graveyard gray hair Greedok shoes green pepper greens greeting card grey hair grill groceries grocery bag grocery cart grocery store ground beef Grubberware guitar gum gumball gumball machine gym bag hair clip hair curlers hair dryer hair dye hair gel hair products hair remover hair spray Halloween candy Halloween costume Halloween decoration hamburger hammer hammock hamster hamster ball hamster cage hamster food hand-me-downs handle hand mirror handprint hanger hard hat harem pants harmonica hat hawaiian shirt headband headphones headset health food heart hedge hedge clippers hedge clippings helicopter helmet hibachi high chair high heels hijab hinges hockey bag hockey goal hockey helmet hockey jersey hockey net hockey puck hockey stick hockey uniform hoe hog hole hole punch holly home homework honey honey zaps hornet hornet nest horse horse manure hose hose-a-phonium hospital hot chocolate hot dog hot dog cart hotel hot plate hot sand hot toddy hot tub hot water bottle houndstooth pants house house keys house plant hubcap hula dancer costume humidifier hummingbird hutch hydro line ice cream ice cream cart ice cream cone ice cream freezer ice cream sundae ice cube tray iced tea ice scraper icing igloo inflatable pool inflatable toy inner tube insect insurance form invitations iron ironing board jacket jack o'lantern jam Japanese doll jar jar of honey jar of peanut butter jar of pickles jar of rabbit droppings jawbreakers jeans jelly jelly beans jewelry jewelry box jingle dress jockstrap jogging suit jolly jumper journal jug juggler jug of apple juice juice juice box jumbo fireball junk junk food kennel kerchief ketchup kettle kibble kid art kiddie pool kiddy goop kids art killer socks kippah kitchen kitchen chair kitchen counter kitchen sink kitchen table kitten knapsack knee pads knick knack knife knight helmet knitting knitting needles knives knob lab equipment lace curtains ladder ladle ladybug costume lake lamp landfill lasagna latex gloves laundry laundry basket laundry detergent laundry hamper lawn chair lawnmower lawn ornament lead apron leaf leaf bag leaf blower leaf pile leaf press leash leaves lectern ledger book leftovers leggings lego leg warmers lei lemonade lemonade stand letter letter to the editor lettuce level licorice allkinds lid life jacket life sized witch light light-up sign light bulb light fixture lightning light switch lil bo peep costume lily pads linen closet linens lines lingerie liniment lint lion costume lip balm lipstick liquorice stick list litter liver paste lizard loaf of bread lobster trap locker log lollipop long underwear love seat Lovey's house lunch lunch bag lunch box lunchbox macaroni macaroni and cheese macho shirt macrame macrame plant hanger mad wall magazine magazine rack magnet magnetic letters magnifying glass magnifying mirror mail mailbox mail slot makeup makeup remover mall mammogram machine mannequin mansion mantle map marble Margarita marker market stall marquee marshmallow marshmallow stick martini mascara mashed bananas mashed potatoes mask masking tape massage chair mat match maternity coat maternity outfit math book math problems mats mattress mattress box maxi pads mayo meal tray measuring cup measuring spoons measuring tape meat meatballs meat counter meatloaf medicine Members Only jacket mending menu menu board mess Metamucil microphone microwave midway milk milk carton milk duds milkshake mirror mismatched pajamas mistletoe mittens mixer mixing bowl mobile moccasins model model airplane model boat model car model house model kit model railroad model railway model train model village mohawk moisturizer moldy lunch money monkey monopoly game monster monster mask moon moose painting mop mortarboard mosquito motorcycle motor scooter mountains mouse trap mousie movie poster movies moving boxes mud mud cookies mud mask mud pie muffin muffin pan mug mushroom music music book music case music notes music stand muskoka chair mustard N nail polish nail scissors name tag napkin nativity scene necklace Ned Tanner Ned Tanner mask needles negatives nesting bowls new clothes newspaper niagara falls poster nightgown night table Nipissing University t-shirt nitrous oxide nitrous oxide mask noisemaker noisy toy nose strip note notebook notebook paper notepad notes nylons oatmeal observation car octopus office oil oil lamp olives onion onion dip oreo cookie ornaments outhouse outlet oven oven mitts overalls overcoat overhead projector oysters pacifier package packages of food painkillers pain star paint paintbrush paint brushes paint can paint cans painting paint roller paints paint water pajamas pamphlets pan pancakes pans panties pants paper paper airplane papers paper snowflakes paper towel roll paperweight paperwork parade float parcel parfait parka park bench parking meter parking ticket Parliament Buildings party decorations party food party hat party poster party supplies pasta sauce patio furniture paw prints pay phone peace sign peanut butter peanut butter sandwich peas pedal peeler peg toy pen pencil pencil case pencil crayons pencil sharpener pennant pepper pepperoni perfume perfume bottle pet fur petition petroleum jelly philodendron phone phone bill phone book photo photo album photo booth photocopier photography equipment photo of Deanna piano pickle pickup truck picnic picnic basket picnic table picture pictures pie pie chart pier piercing gun pig pigeon piggy bank pile of clothes piles of laundry pill bottle pillow pillowcase pill sorter pin-up pincushion pine needles pins pin the tail on the donkey pint of beer pipe pipe wrench pitcher pitcher of juice pitcher of lemonade pitcher of water pitchfork pizza pizza delivery car place mat plaid shirt plane planer plane tickets plans plant plaque plastic containers plastic cup plasticine plate plate of cookies plate of food plate of spaghetti plate of sweets platform shoes playground playground equipment playpen pliers plunger plywood poem poinsettia Polaroid police car polka dot tie pom-poms poncho pond ponytails poodle pool pool table pool toy pop-a-bop toy pop can popcorn popcorn ball popcorn kernel pop machine poppy popsicle porch porch light porcupine pork rinds port-a-john Portrait Magazine postcard poster posture pot potato potato chips potatoes potato masher potato salad pot handle pot of coffee pot of potatoes pot of soup pot of tea potted plant pottery pottery bird potty powder puff pow wow regalia pregnancy test results pregnant bride costume present preserved kumquats pressure washer princess costume prize prize ribbon probe produce project propeller beanie protest sign protractor psychedelic poster public washroom puck puddle puddle suit pull-out couch pulp pumpkin pumpkin bits pumpkin guts pumpkin pie punch-o punch bowl punk costume puppet puppy purse pussy willows puzzle Queen Elizabeth mask quilt rabbit rabbit costume rabbit droppings rabbit hutch raccoon radio raffle ticket rag raggedy andy Raggedy Anne costume rain raincoat rain hat rake rattle raven mask razor RC car rearview mirror receipts recipe book recliner record record player rectal thermometer recycle bin red cashmere scarf red licorice redneck hat reel to reel reindeer reindeer costume relief map of Greenland remote control report report card restaurant resume ribbon rides ring ring cushion ripped jeans roadkill roast roast chicken roasting pan robot rock rocking chair rocking horse rolled paper rollerblades roller coaster roller skates rolling pin rolls rolodex rooster root beer rope rose rose bush roses rosettes rotary phone rotten egg router rubber boots rubber duck rubber gloves rug ruler running shoes sack of potatoes sacred fire safety salt sailboat salad sale poster salt salt and pepper shakers salt and vinegar chips salt shaker salve sand sandbox sandcastle sand castle sandpaper sandwich sandwich board Santa Claus santa suit sapling sarong sausage saw saw blade sawhorse scale scales scarecrow scarecrow costume scarf school bus school supplies school uniform schoolwork scissors scoop scrap wood screen door screwdriver scrub brush sculpture security wand seedling seed packet seeds service station set square sewing sewing basket sewing machine shack shaker shamrock shark shavings shawl shed sheet sheet music sheets shell shelves shepherd costume shield shirt shoe shoes shopping bag shopping cart shopping list shortening shorts shoulder pads shovel shower doll shower heads shows shrimp shrimp platter shrub sign sink sippy cup skateboard skates skeleton ski chalet ski lift skinny jeans ski poles skipping rope skis ski suit skull skunk sled sleeper sleeping bag sleigh slice of bread slice of pizza slide slide carousel slide projector slides slipper slippers slow cooker smock smoke smoked oysters smudges snack cart snake snare sneakers snorkel snow snow angel snowball snowblower snowboard snow brush snow fort snowman snowmobile snowpants snow plow snowshoes snowsuit snow tires snuffabutt cigarette soap soap dispenser Soaps magazine sock monkey sockolizer socks soil soldering iron soldering kit soldiers sold sign sombrero soother soup soya sauce space babe doll space helmet spaceship spade spaghetti sparks spatula speakers spices spider spigot spiked collar spill spilled drink spiral notebook spit sponge spool spoon sports car spray cleaner sprinkler squeak toy squirrel squirt gun stable stage stage lights stained glass window stairs stand stars statement necklace statue steam stereo stereo recording equipment stethoscope stew stick sticker sticks stinky cheese stocks stones stool stop sign store store window storm storm windows storybook stove strainer straw strawberries strawberry jam streamers street stretcher string string lights striped pants stroller stuff stuffed animals stuffed chicken stuffed dog stuffed frog stuffed lion stuffed monkey stuffed Snoopy doll stump submarine sucker suds sugar sugar dish sugar soggs sugar zaps suit and tie suitcase sump pump sun sunbeam sunburn sunflower costume sunglasses sun roof sunset superhero costume superteddy supplements surfboard surgical mask swan swather swearing sweater sweater vest sweatpants sweatshirt sweetgrass swings sword symbol book syringe t.v. dinner t.v. tray table tablecloth table saw table scraps tabloid tack tackle box taco fixings takeout container tambourine tank tape tape measure tape player tape recorder tattoos taxi tea teacher's note teacup tea party teapot tea set teddy teddy bear costume telephone telescope television tennis racket tent textbook Thai Takeout thank-you letter the adequate chef theatre costumes thermometer thermos thermostat thesaurus the streaker hair streaking kit The Victorious Vitamin cookbook thong underwear thunder thunderstorm ticket ticket booth tie ties tight jeans tight pants tin cans on a string tinka tot tinker toys Tinky Tune piano tin of cookies tires tissue toast toaster toboggan toffee toilet toilet paper toilet paper roll tomatoes tomato juice tongs toolbox tools toothbrush toothpaste top topiary toque towel tow truck toy toy airplane toy astronaut toy backhoe toy bear toy boat toy bulldozer toy car toy carousel toy cars toy castle toy chicken toy cowboy toy crib toy drum toy duck toy dump truck toy farm toy gun toy helicopter toy horse toy piano toy plane toy race track toy robot toy rocket toy satellite dish toy skeleton toy soldier toy spaceship toy train toy truck tracksuit tractor traffic jam trailer trail mix train train set tray tray of cookies tray of drinks tray of food tray of muffins tray of seedlings treadmill treat bag treat bucket treats tree trestle tricycle trolley trophy trophy case tropical plant trowel truck trumpet trumpet case trumpet mouthpiece tub tub of popcorn turban turkey turnip turtle tuxedo tv guide tweed cap tweezers twig typewriter ugly jacket umbrella umbrella stand uniform university building upside-down car utensils vacuum vacuum cleaner hose valentine vampire costume vampire fangs van vanilla ice cream vapo rub vase VCR vegetables vegetable sculpture veggie plate veil velvet owl painting vending machine video camera video game videotapes vintage toys violent toys violin Virgin Mary costume virtual reality headset wad of cotton waffles wagon walker walkman wallet wallpaper wallpaper border wallpaper samples wallpaper scraps wand washcloth washing machine wastebasket watch water fountain water heater watering can watermelon watermelon seeds wedding cake wedding dress wedding gown wedding photo wedding rings wedding suit weed weenie weight weight bench weiner weiners and beans wheel wheelbarrow wheelchair wheeled duck toy Wheeto Poffs Whiffex 3 whipped cream whistle whoopee bar whoopee bars wig willie warmonger toys window wine glass winter clothes winter coat winter outfit wise man costume wishing well witch witch costume witch hat wok wok's cooking wood wooden pegs wooden spoon wood planks work workbench work order World Trade Center worm wrapping paper wrench wrinkled pants x-rated magazine x-ray x-ray apron x-ray machine xylophone yarmulke yarn yearbook yellow socks yo-yo yogurt yogurt maker youth dew zorgon zucchini