Monday August 5, 2019

Lynn's Comments: Here's an interesting note about the animated version of this story: Animation is an extremely expensive way to make a moving picture. The studio often runs out of money, which is when some awful compromises are made. By the time we got to this scene, we were told that there was no more money for animation, the storyboard imagery would have to be cut, and that the fact that Michael was on a busy street corner with people and cars going by would have to be "fixed in post." This means that the editor, camera operator and people in the sound department (post production), would have to make the busy street "happen" without the visual imagery. If you watch the film you will see that every time there is a close-up of Michael and the hot dog stand, there is a flurry of sound. Cars, horns, people walking, dogs barking...all these sounds are inserted and the viewer believes that a load of activity is going on. Then, when there is a long shot, showing the hot dog stand from across the street, for example, there is nothing going on in the background at all! This was a very clever way to eliminate a lot of expensive work. This happened far too often when we did the animated shows and the results weren't always successful. The words, "fix it in post" are a joke in the industry, meaning that a studio will often leave the most impossible "fixes" to the post production crew!

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