Monday, December 13, 2010

Lynn's Comments: Driving to a destination which requires a map means that yours truly is more than likely to miss an important turn off or happily follow the wrong signs. To avoid this misery, I have always given myself time to "get lost". This allows frustration to melt into a sort of \"adventurous" state of mind, wherein I explore my surroundings, take note of where I went wrong and promise myself I'll remember the next time. With two small kids in the back seat, wondering if we're "there yet" and teasing each other to make time go faster, I could hardly afford to get angry. I think now about all the technical devices available to keep one on track and I marvel. What would I have accomplished if I'd had a GPS? What would life on the road have been like if an ingeniously mounted, vehicle-friendly television screen had quietly entertained my offspring with programs of their choice? One thing I do know is that I would never have enjoyed the thrill of the chase and the excitement of seeing the correct corridor disappear beneath an overpass, taking me in the opposite direction! I would never have figured out for myself how to get from A to B - and isn't this all part of success? Why take the easy way when the wrong way can lead to something new? I ask myself. And I'm still waiting for the answer!

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