Monday, February 28, 2011

Lynn's Comments: After he'd grown out of them, I did hang on to Aaron's crib, playpen and high chair - with the hope that I'd use them again someday. When Katie came along, however, I had in-laws who loved to spoil her and a job that allowed us to be a little less cautious with our cash. She had new things - which, in a way, were less exciting than the things I'd bought on a shoestring and had fixed up myself! These I later sold or gave away when we moved north. I am not one to keep things - even if I think I might have a later use for them. I give stuff away or send it to the second hand shops and sometimes I'm sorry for having done so. When my kids were little, I gave their clothes to friends who promised to give them back to me later - but this never worked out. Either the clothes came back ruined or not at all. I gave away some beautiful things and am grateful for the photos I have of Kate and Aaron dressed in their best; an image that lasted for a few hours, if I was lucky. I did manage to keep their favorite baby blankets. They are lovingly stored in a cedar chest along with three quilts, which were made by hand by friends and are therefore priceless. Some things you have to keep...for no real reason at all!!

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