Monday, March 21, 2011

Lynn's Comments: Katie loved toothpaste and heaven knows we had access to lots of it. One morning, I was making the beds and she was playing in her room. Between the two rooms was our upstairs communal privy - a place which held endless fascination for both kids. What with a tub for water sports and a porcelain receptacle - guaranteed to "disappear" stuff - the bathroom was, hands down, the room of choice for indoor recreation. Above the sink our hard-to-reach medicine cabinet was filled with forbidden fruit and although it wasn't locked, it took some jungle athletics to reach it and a strong pull to get it open. Believing she was dressing up dolls, I continued to putter until "mom's 6th sense" kicked in. I decided to check on my youngest offspring. Katie, having opened the biff- cabinet drawers like a staircase, had achieved the countertop plateau and was trying to open the medicine cabinet. This wasn't the only thing I discovered. An entire tube of toothpaste had been squeezed onto virtually every surface of the room and she was on a mission to find more. I removed her from the scene of the grime, called my mom-in-law and spent the rest of the day cleaning out the can. Every cloud has a silver lining, they say - and the good thing about this event was... the bathroom smelled great for weeks afterwards!

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