Monday, November 22, 2010

Lynn's Comments: Aaron really did like his grade two teacher. Her name was Caroline Sadowska. She was smart and kind and strict. She stood up to the class clowns, the tricksters and the troublemakers and was always diplomatic in doing so. The school had suffered a fire and classes were being held temporarily in the Catholic Church basement... Aaron had been up to something and, exasperated, Miss Sadowska called me at home and asked me to meet her at the church, with Aaron in tow. I don't recall the misdeed or the sentence. I do remember thoroughly enjoying Miss Sadowska's methods of dealing with parents and kids and her infectious sense of humor. When our meeting was done and the culprit out of earshot, Carolyn and I agreed - in this small town, where people of like mind were sometimes hard to come by, we were destined to become great friends. "But, let's wait until he's in grade three" she said. "It would be hard to nail a kid whose mom was having coffee in my kitchen!" We waited and did become friends. Three years later Sheena Baker, another teacher of Aaron's, wrote a book called "There's a Worm in My Apple" and I illustrated it. The book's inception was due to my numerous interviews with her, at the school...regarding my son!

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