Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lynn's Comments: On the beach just outside the gate to our hotel, a young woman and her mother had set up a dress stand. They made and sold all kinds of dresses, many of which were baby-sized and beautiful. The young woman had a little daughter whose name was Samantha. It wasn't a common name at the time, and I thought it was so pretty. She was about the same age as Katie. I'd watch her and compare the two. I bought two dresses - one for me and one for Katie. It was an opportunity to talk to another mother and to play with her daughter who had the sweetest smile. Her hair was full of barrettes and her eyes sparkled with mischief. I wondered how the two little girls would get along. For months I had looked forward to being without my children, but it only took a couple of days to make me miss them more than I could say.

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Originally Run: 1982-01-16
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