Sunday August 6, 2017

Lynn's Comments: King-sized beds were invented for a reason. Our bedtime habits truly establish our tolerance threshold. If you are OK with your partner’s sack-time etiquette (or lack thereof)…then you might be destined for a long lasting relationship. If not, you are doomed. King-sized beds and separate bathrooms have been touted as saving graces. I wouldn't have dreamed of separate bathrooms until this luxury presented itself in my most recent living space. Yes…give me a home where the buffalo roam, but make the privy a two-holer!

The strip you see here was inspired by a friend of mine. He once complained to me about his wife’s ability to swipe all the blankets in her sleep: she would roll toward him, tucking the blanket under her side. Then she would clutch the top of the remaining blanket and roll the other way, pulling everything with her. He called it "The Russell roll." (Russell is her maiden name). I thought it would make a great strip…but this is how the muse made it turn out.

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