Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lynn's Comments: As in any profession, there are days when everything is a hassle and nothing goes right. In the dental clinic, this was "one of those days". With the job I had, the great thing about living with a dentist was the stories that came home. Cartoons about life in the clinic were often based on real events and real people. Fortunately for me, these folks never recognized themselves...which is where funny faces and funny names came in. Both Rod and I had stressful jobs and constant deadlines, which might have contributed to more stress at home, had we not had a good sense of humor and the refuge of his mother's house nearby. We were also relieved from hour-long city commutes, traffic jams and circuitous trips to the daycare. The clinic was an easy walk away, which made storytelling easier. It was all too close to home to forget!

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Originally Run: 1982-01-10
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