Sunday July 3, 2022

Lynn's Comments: This strip was done for a friend whose little son was so afraid of the water that he had to have all the flotation devices available before he'd go into the pool. He had the inflated arm rings, a life jacket, and when he could, he'd squeeze into an inflatable "doughnut" as well. The funny thing is, this young man is now a deep sea diver who specializes in the inspection and maintenance of underwater structures. Posts, moorings, rigs and sea walls are all part of his underwater work—quite a change from the boy who was afraid of the water! Bourton has also become a clean sea advocate. He donates many hours of his time to finding and removing "ghost nets" from British Columbia's coastal waterways. He and the others who are cleaning up our oceans and beaches are unsung heroes. The next generation is a great one!

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