Sunday May 19, 2019

Lynn's Comments: I try to make a comment about each of these cartoons but there are times when nothing comes to mind. Where ideas come from has always been a mystery. When I first joined the National Cartoonists Society and could finally talk face to face with cartoonists I'd admired for years, the thing we'd discuss most was: “where and how do you get your ideas?” If you have the gift, ideas come. Ideas come when you are on a deadline and have no choice but to produce something. Good or bad, the idea has to be written, drawn up and sent in. It's a real job.

I have no idea where the idea for this strip came from, except that it seemed like a good gag at the time—and if I was to do it again, I'd change the colour. I think it would look better if the word “Worse” was in turquoise and if Mike had a deep turquoise shirt! Otherwise, it still looks OK!

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Originally Run: 1990-05-20
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