Sunday January 1, 2012

Lynn’s Notes:

One of the concerns my husband had at the dental clinic was well meaning moms wanting to be in the operatory to “help calm their children”. Typically, the child would be fine with the dental staff and the doctor but mom would insist on being there – that’s when the problems began. I remember him telling me about a mother who watched the procedure in silence until he was ready to inject the anesthetic. Then she said to her son in a sing-song voice; “Here comes the needle!!” The child immediately started to howl and the process was delayed until he settled down. Just knowing that mom was listening in might be enough for a nervous or high maintenance kid to start a row. So the farther the parent was separated from the patient the better.

I did this strip a few months after this actual incident occurred. The characters were changed to protect the identities of the patient and his mom. As far as I know, they never did see the connection!