Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lynn's Comments: Again, there was no "Ted" in our community. This character was entirely fiction. Here, John has beer with his colleague in an upscale shop on the street below their clinics. In the strip, the world is fictional. John and Ted are working in a cosmopolitan environment with 4-6 storey buildings around them and a large parking lot on the corner. In reality, our clinic was above Perepeluk's Grocery and the only coffee shop you might go to schmooze in was "Wong's Cafe" across the street. The old wooden booths and the coffee counter with the worn round stools welcomed you like a 50s movie set. The smell of egg rolls, wonton and fried rice filled the down in your parka and would linger there for hours, "poofing" out whiffs of Wong's. As for New years' resolutions, I don't remember making too many - either for myself or anyone else. I learned long before my kids were born that resolutions, though well intended, rarely come about. Our philosophy then was to do what you could, hope for the best and to laugh at the things we couldn't change. This we did. We shared laughter with good friends - as often as possible.

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