Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lynn's Comments: I have friends who are wonderful seamstresses. My mother too could make anything and it fit and looked perfect. I watch these people in awe and they tell me "It's only sewing, Lynn - YOU can do it! It's so EASY!" They don't know the side of me that trembles at the thought of sitting with a Singer. I can do a lot of stuff, but sewing isn't one of them. Oh, sure, "just practice" they tell me... "what can go wrong?" I hate this. Some people were just not meant to operate a sewing device - just as some folks don't drive or cook or use a snow blower. If I sew...there will be repercussions. Either my endless patience will end in fits or the machine will need extensive maintenance thereafter. With gratitude and humility, I defer to all the people who confidently sew their own clothes. My admiration is genuine and my appreciation comes from the heart. You have a skill I will never possess and I'm grateful for every seam you've sewn for me!

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