Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lynn's Comments: The airport in Lynn Lake was walking distance from the town. Every flight went over the houses and after awhile you could tell if it was a Twin Otter, the scheduled flight, or someone coming in for a fishing trip. Our Cessna 185 had a particular hum and this changed when the floats were removed and the skis added. I always knew when Rod was home from the villages up north. I would bundle up the kids and be at the airport to pick him up before he landed. As I recall, my parents only made the long journey once to see us. Aaron knew them both well, having spent time alone with them at their cottage in Hope, BC, but to Katie they were strangers. The joy of our reunion at the small outpost airport was lost on Kate, who hid behind my legs and maintained a wary reserve until they had settled into the house. It was Christmas and the fun of the season soon took over. I can still see her on my dad's knee singing and playing, now aware that she was with family.

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Originally Run: 1981-12-15
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