Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lynn's Comments: The year Katie turned two, we made arrangements to go to Barbados after Christmas. My parents-in-law had set up their spare room for the children, and knowing we were leaving them in good hands made the decision easier. Ruth and Tom were strict disciplinarians but good natured and fair. Tom still worked at the mine mill, but Ruth was retired and very much enjoyed being grandma. Aaron understood the situation. He wasn't going to get away with much while his folks were gone. Had MY parents been taking the reins, however, it would have been a different story. My kids would have figured out fast that my mom was tough, but dad was a pushover. They'd have figured out fast how to pit one against another, to play on dad's sympathy and to run them both ragged. That was our game. My brother Alan and I knew how to play it - no holds barred! It was years before my parents volunteered to "babysit" my children...and even then, they did so one at a time!

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