Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lynn's Comments: The trip home was a tense one. Our flight was delayed and foggy January conditions made me nervous. I was often more comfortable in our own plane. We could choose not to fly if the weather was bad. Our charter took us back to Winnipeg, but we now had to wait for two more scheduled flights: a small jet to Thompson and the Twin Otter to Lynn Lake. I was never able to show in the strip the reality of our northern lifestyle. I imagined the Pattersons living outside the city of Toronto with all the luxuries of big city living - while Rod and I managed the intricacies of getting into and out of an isolated community of 2000 people. In our plane, a Cessna 185, I often flew part of the way. It felt good to be in control. In a commercial aircraft, I had the feeling that I was helping - even if I was just staring at the wing!

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