Tuesday June 8, 2021

Lynn's Comments: Here is where I failed my exam. Cars in the 60s were mostly standard shift, so parking on a hill meant using the clutch carefully when pulling out from the curb. I pushed down hard on the gas, took my foot off the clutch, and roared uncontrollably into the parking lot across the street. It happened to be the RCMP building and two police officers were sitting in their cruiser when I rear-ended them. I didn't hit them hard, but I could see one officer's coffee spout from his thermos as the other hit the horn. When the officers got out of the cruiser and saw the car that had hit them, with the "Driving School" sign on the roof, they laughed out loud. I received no ticket, but I knew I'd more than failed the exam. It would take me another year before I had the guts to try again...and the next time, I had a kind and supportive examiner. I passed.

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