Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lynn's Comments: Katie was not only adept at scaling cabinetry, she was able to conceal the collateral damage which ensued. After finding parts of a figurine, carefully hidden under the couch, I asked her why she hadn't told me she'd broken something; why hadn't she been honest? She looked at me as if I was crazy! I mean, why come out with a confession immediately when you could defer a tongue-lashing until, well...perhaps forever? I had to admit to myself that her reasoning did make sense, but I still wanted my kids to respect my property and ME! After a long heart to heart talk she agreed that she should really tell mom when she'd done something wrong...but until she went away to university, I found evidence here and there of small unreported infringements. I now look forward to the day she has kids of her own. I'm going to give her some china!

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