Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lynn's Comments: Our town was so small that a kid could be found in minutes. A short walk or a phone call would produce the offender and it was always a short walk home. Even so, I worried when one of my children was out of sight for too long. One day, I went looking for Katie. She had been in the back yard with a couple of neighbour kids, but had disappeared. I went out and found her playing in the house across the lane. Three children under the age of five had been left in the care of an eight year old while her parents had gone down to the pub. The eight year old was holding a rifle which had been removed from its mount on the wall and her little brother was singing; "I know where the bullets are! I know where the bullets are!" I brought Katie home. I told her she had done nothing wrong. I said her friends were welcome to come to our house at any time, but she was never to go there again. It wasn't the kids I didn't trust- it was some of the parents!

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Originally Run: 1982-11-23
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