Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lynn's Comments: Telling Aaron we were going on a trip without him wasn't easy. He wanted to go everywhere, see everything - he didn't want to be left out. Staying at home with strict but fair grandparents didn't sound like a swell time and objections wouldn't get him anywhere. We wanted take him, but we needed time out, time off- we needed to be kid free! When the temperature slipped below -30, I had gone down to the local travel agent and had asked him to recommend a warm refuge. We checked out the brochures on Barbados. I chose a hotel because the name sounded nice and on the spot I had booked everything. Before we went anywhere, however, I had to work ahead so that the strip would run smoothly and I'd have enough lead time to get back into it again when I got home. To do this, I'd check out the return date then work weekends and evenings until I had 6 extra weeks of FBorFW done past that date. Travelling, therefore, meant long hours of writing and drawing beforehand, and barking at kids in an airport wasn't going to be part of the scene. We looked forward to the adventure and to the reward of sitting on a warm beach with a cold drink and nothing to do but enjoy. We looked forward to it, we deserved it, but we felt guilty all the same. Aaron made us feel guilty for going... which meant, of course, that things were normal.

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