Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lynn's Comments: I am 10 lbs overweight. This is normal for me. I feel best, most confident and most comfortable when I am close to the weight I want to be...but I like eating, more than I like being 10 pounds less. So, I have my fat duds, my intermediate and my thin clothes in a closet that needs purging more than my fridge does. I have jackets with shoulder pads bigger than Napoleon's and pants that went out on the ark. I have sweaters my mom made for me and at least one caftan that's never been worn. Let me explain the caftan: it's from the Middle East somewhere, is lovely and can't be parted with. I'm saving it for the day when I no longer care about the 10 lbs, no longer have a size-optional wardrobe and am luxuriating in the comfort of food. I just hope my taste buds are the last of my five senses to go!

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Originally Run: 1982-02-24
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