Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lynn's Comments: Before I left Lynn Lake, I had discovered the joy of finding a reliable artist to help me with some of my work. I taught a friend how to colour the Sunday pages and I also had someone help me answer the mail. The move south allowed me to create a studio workspace in the downstairs of our house--large enough to give two of us a comfortable workspace.

I had desks and tables installed, and hired a woman to help with the business, do the colouring, and help with mail--a full-time job. As time went by and the business expanded to include books, calendars, greeting cards, and a few animated specials, I found it necessary to hire a full-time graphic artist to work on backgrounds and do the lettering. Having someone to take over some of the inking, cut my drawing time in half--but it meant another body in the studio. We began to use electronic means to do colouring and design--meaning that more creative work came our way.

When my husband hired a studio manager, three of us were crowded into the basement, so I decided to build a separate studio; a small bungalow on an adjoining piece of property. It was near enough to walk to, but separate from the house. This meant, for the first time in years that not only did I have to dress in a slightly more business like manner, I had to be on time for work!

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