Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lynn's Comments: We were both exhausted. The thought of warm weather and a sandy beach was too far away to focus on. First we had to get there. Having no one to leave our outer clothing with, we took with us our parkas, gloves, scarves and big winter boots. We could have boarded the plane in lighter fare - (there was a heater on board) but living in the north teaches you to be prepared for survival. If anything caused our plane to set down in the bush, we'd be dead without winter gear. The trip was a pleasure. We had forgotten what kid-free travelling was like. We didn't have to warm up the plane or prepare a lunch or bring toys or the potty...we just had ourselves to think about. Even though we had to slug suitcases and wait in line and sit for hours, it all seemed like such a luxury!

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