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Strip For 030713
ID: 12393
Publication Date: 2013-03-07
First Published On (if retro): 1984-03-08
Collection Book: Just One More Hug (Signed Copies)
Other Books: N/A  
Treasuries: Making Ends Meet (Signed Copies)
Description: Michael and Gordon are playing in the snow when Elizabeth offers them chocolate ice cream with raisins. It's just dirty brown snow with rocks in it, and Michael is worried she is eating it for real. Not really, she's spitting out the raisins.
Caption: You're not eating it, are you? Not 'xactly. I'm, spittin' out th' raisins.
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Lynn's Notes: Remember eating snow and believing it tasted like ice cream? If you don't, you didn't grow up in a northern climate! The only snow we didn't eat was yellow!