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Thursday February 21, 2019

Lynn's Comments: This didn’t happen to me until I had graduated and was in art school…but it happened. Disposing of one's lunch in a public space is never gracious, but we all seem to need this experience. Mine happened in Stanley Park near the zoo—an appropriate location.

Sunday February 17, 2019

Lynn's Comments: The TV tray was invented, of course, as soon as the television became a household necessity. Like an indoor commode, every home HAD to have one. My mother, who ruled the roost, hated the thought of us sitting in front of the TV to eat, so we missed all kinds of good shows. They all seemed to come on at 6:00. One afternoon, my dad was late coming home from work. He was always home by 5:30 but this time he was not only late, but had arrived in a delivery van straight from Sears. My brother and I watched through the window as he unloaded a thin rectangular box, waved his thanks to the driver and headed into the house. Inside the box was a set of aluminum TV trays; a wonderful sight to behold. My mother conceded her fight and (depending on the show) allowed us all to eat dinner in front of the television. This was one of the very few times my father defied her. I thank Gunsmoke and Walt Disney for that one significant victory.

Saturday February 16, 2019

Lynn's Comments: Our aperitif of choice was a disgusting, cheap, and very sweet wine called "Berrycup." It was the first to come in a gallon plastic jug with a spigot on the side. Guys who were "of drinking age" would hang around the liquor stores waiting for us under-agers to show up with enough cash to score them a bottle and something for ourselves. Berrycup: The wine you can share, the hangover you can depend on.

Wednesday February 13, 2019

Lynn's Comments: My mother would drive my friends and me to school dances. We'd cringe in the back seat, hoping we wouldn't be seen. With great understanding, my mom would drop us off a block away from the school so we could walk, unaccompanied, by a "rent." Whatever rifts came between us, she could also be totally cool.

Monday February 11, 2019

Lynn's Comments: I found that some story lines needed a break; something that would return the focus to the family—giving us a fast "glimpse" into something else. These asides were often very sweet. They made me happy and gave both the readers and myself a rest from more serious ideas.

Thursday February 7, 2019

Lynn's Comments: Funny thing--I have been to a number of my high school reunions and I have to say... some of the quietest and unassuming people have become outstanding and accomplished adults. Kids we dismissed then are beautiful and confident now. If you’re a kid and you're reading this now…keep in mind that some of the people who are dumping on you now will be quite different in the future. You will have your chance to smile when you meet again as adults-- and it's worth the wait!!

Tuesday February 5, 2019

Lynn's Comments: Awkward and embarrassing, a teenager's love life is a painful, wonderful, passionate and unforgettable awakening. Even though I was using Michael and Gordon's characters to convey these sentiments, these memories are all mine.

Monday February 4, 2019

Lynn's Comments: I remember being so enamored of a boy I knew in grade 7 that I actually changed schools to be close to him. I was one of those ordinary-looking kids, whose face would disappear in a line up. I wasn't smart enough to stand out either and I sucked at sports. Yup. This was me.

Sunday February 3, 2019

Lynn's Comments: This strip ran long before the "trance-dance" mindless, auto-tuned, sampled, lyric-poor crud you hear in public places today. Oh. Right. I’ve done this rant before. So, I’ll just say this: where is the good stuff? Give me a list of good tunes played by a good band that writes good lyrics and can really sing! Where are the "Eagles" and the "Beach Boys" of 2019? Gotta be out there. Gimme a list!

Friday February 1, 2019

Lynn's Comments: Today, the word "nerd" has come to mean someone with a superior mind; someone who, in the age of super computers and artificial intelligence, understands just what is going on. What one word would I use today to describe the kid that doesn’t yet fit in? I’ll give you this challenge...and, remember...there are critics out there!

Wednesday January 30, 2019

Lynn's Comments: Again, I was vilified for showing the boys ogling the girls…but hey, it's what we do! The boys look at the girls and the girls look at the boys, and everyone wants that look to be full of potential. We wear attractive clothes, we do attractive things and the word "attractive" says it all. The critical letters I received made me wonder. Did these writers never enjoy the heart-stopping rush of a teenaged crush, or even enjoy an appreciative glance? I think if we search our collective memories, we’ll all see ourselves in these images of kids longing to be noticed by other kids!

Thursday January 24, 2019

Lynn's Comments: I ended this story far too soon. I knew the answer to Annie's question and it was: "Because it’s not over." If an affair has ended the chance that another will begin is all too possible, and in my own experience, probable. When a partner is dissatisfied for whatever reason, is able to lie successfully and get away with it, then the excitement of another conquest often becomes too tempting to resist.

Wednesday January 23, 2019

Lynn's Comments: If I wasn't fairly self-aware before I started the strip, I certainly became so afterwards. Writing these scenarios made me think—and from all points of view. Not only was I writing Elly's take on the subject, I was seeing it from everyone else's perspective as well.

Tuesday January 22, 2019

Lynn's Comments: Between my two marriages, I dated a psychiatrist. He told me that the worst time to have a serious discussion was after midnight—that after 12:00am, we go into a sort of "twilight zone" where common sense and rationale ceases to exist. "Never," he told me, "get into an argument after midnight!" Mark and I argued many times…sometimes after midnight, and he was right. We’d go round and round in the twilight zone and nobody "won." I'll carry that lesson for a lifetime!