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Monday June 17, 2019

Lynn's Comments: I never wear shorts and rarely wear skirts. I have never liked my legs…even though I know they are average looking and hold me up just fine. Funny what a negative "body image" can do to us.

Saturday June 15, 2019

Lynn's Comments: In the first panel, you can see Elly twisting Elizabeth's hair as she is getting it ready to put into a ponytail. I was able to draw things like this pretty realistically by using a Polaroid camera. I’d ask whoever was in the room to pose for me and I'd take the shot from the angle I needed. Somewhere I have an album filled with these crazy photographs!

Thursday June 13, 2019

Lynn's Comments: Having Elizabeth wear glasses separated my real life daughter even more from the character in the strip. Glasses gave Elizabeth a new look and something else to worry about! Things like this marked the growth of the characters and the passage of time. In FBorFW, everyone aged and changed.

Friday June 7, 2019

Lynn's Comments: I think I’ve said before that the word "stoopid" ruffled a lot of readers' feathers. Many times I had to explain that despite the spelling, this is the way some words sound. They were not appeased. Artistic license is not necessarily a license to misspell!

Thursday June 6, 2019

Lynn's Comments: The truth is, it was my son who needed the glasses. This scenario was happening, but I shielded him by making Elizabeth the one who was having trouble in school. Things like this were often hard on my kids as they tried to explain to their friends what their mom was doing and that their lives did not run parallel to the characters in the strip.

Tuesday June 4, 2019

Lynn's Comments: I signed the 20-year contract. For Better or For Worse was "made in Canada" and the content proved to be acceptable everywhere. In this strip, the idea came from my mother, who told me she had once, in grade school, mixed up the words population and copulation on a test. Yup! …Good stories deserve to be retold!

Monday June 3, 2019

Lynn's Comments: I loved referring to Canadian history, customs, places and geography. Before I signed my contract with Universal Press, one of the editors insisted I refer only to the United States—that the strip had to be about Americans. I asked him if he, born and raised in Kansas, could write knowledgeably and realistically about a family in New York. He admitted he could not. I said, if I couldn’t have my characters live in Canada and write what I knew, then I wouldn’t sign the contract.

Sunday June 2, 2019

Lynn's Comments: This scenario was real, and once again, I heard from women and men who told me they’d walked out of a store because they’d been ignored. When I think of all the money I would have spent if the sales staff had been attentive, I shudder. Disinterested sales people have saved me a lot of money! Which brings me to ask: Why is it that when a restaurant is crazy busy, the staff gives you great service...but when it isn't busy, you can be completely ignored? Strange.

Friday May 31, 2019

Lynn's Comments: There was so much to learn and to build. With artistry and serious focus, my husband built one of the most intricate and beautiful models in Ontario. He connected with other like-minded men, and soon, our circle of friends included Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas: two of the “9 Old Men” —the original animators at the Disney Studios in Los Angeles. Ollie's ride-on trains added to Walt Disney's fascination with model railways. After he had filled his own back yard, his wife suggested he find a piece of land where he could really enjoy his hobby…and Disneyland, the theme park, was born!

Tuesday May 21, 2019

Lynn's Comments: When I turned 40, it was no biggie. I rather liked being 40; I was doing some good work, my kids were becoming independent and my wrinkles weren't getting me down. I think men “crest” earlier when it comes to aging. This surprised me.

Sunday May 19, 2019

Lynn's Comments: I try to make a comment about each of these cartoons but there are times when nothing comes to mind. Where ideas come from has always been a mystery. When I first joined the National Cartoonists Society and could finally talk face to face with cartoonists I'd admired for years, the thing we'd discuss most was: “where and how do you get your ideas?” If you have the gift, ideas come. Ideas come when you are on a deadline and have no choice but to produce something. Good or bad, the idea has to be written, drawn up and sent in. It's a real job.

I have no idea where the idea for this strip came from, except that it seemed like a good gag at the time—and if I was to do it again, I'd change the colour. I think it would look better if the word “Worse” was in turquoise and if Mike had a deep turquoise shirt! Otherwise, it still looks OK!