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Monday September 7, 2020

Lynn's Comments: When I was young, I had a friend whose mom, an Avon rep., would give us her old samples. We'd stay in the bathroom for hours, painting each other up with makeup. When my mom caught us, she said that makeup was fine as long as she couldn't tell I was wearing it. This led to some very artistic application and fun knowing I was getting away with it.

Tuesday September 1, 2020

Lynn's Comments: This was so much fun to draw. When I look at this strip again, I remember drawing it in pencil and looking forward to tracing it with pen and ink. Feeling the bite of pen nib on paper and seeing the lines become the characters was like "bringing them to life." April (as a baby) and the dogs were an absolute joy to work on.

Friday August 21, 2020

Lynn's Comments: My boyfriend had all kinds of excuses for not writing to me that summer. He even said he'd write something appropriate and give me a letter then and there. But he never wrote me a letter. Suddenly, the crush was gone and when I looked at him, I couldn’t see what it was that had made me so crazy about him in the first place.