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Monday November 27, 2023

Lynn's Comments: In a way, Elly's dilemma about not having gone to university was my mother's story. She always regretted not having had a university education, and by the time we were older and she had the time to do so, she thought it was too late.

Sunday November 26, 2023

Lynn's Comments: When an Old English Sheepdog gets covered in snow, he is something to see. Most of the snow finds its' way to the fur between his toes and it takes ages to pull it all out. I think my dog took more grooming time than my kids did!

Saturday November 25, 2023

Lynn's Comments: In this drawing, since the characters are sitting and talking in the same spot, I could have copied one drawing and repeated it 4 times. The thing is...I wanted the audience to see into my world as if they were looking through the lens of a camera—and in a movie, that lens is rarely still.

Sunday November 19, 2023

Lynn's Comments: In order to do these strips with some confidence, I went to a breeder and asked if I could see some brand new puppies. They were kind enough to take me to see a new mom with her babies. I was shocked to see how tiny they were. How quickly we forget!

Saturday November 4, 2023

Lynn's Comments: I never thought I'd appreciate the ease of using email to communicate. I rarely write an actual letter these days, but when I do...I buy one of those expensive blank greeting cards. A real handwritten letter these days is a gift!