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Sunday September 25, 2022

Lynn's Comments: When I was about three years old, my aunt had given me a pair of very frilly under pants. The entire backside was ruffled, and I was thrilled with them. So much so that I went around the neighbourhood lifting my skirt to show them off. I didn't understand why my dad was so upset or why he made me come home and put on a pair of overalls.

Saturday September 24, 2022

Lynn's Comments: As we protested and blocked a city street, we wondered if we'd get our photos in the paper and be interviewed. Meanwhile, my parents, sitting at home, thought I was hanging out with friends after school. They had no idea what I was really doing.

Friday September 23, 2022

Lynn's Comments: Our enraged and noisy parade made it to the BC Hydro building where we demanded to see the Minister of Transportation. We were told that he was not in the building and that we should make our concerns known in writing. We were too excited and energized to be reasoned with. This was exciting!

Tuesday September 20, 2022

Lynn's Comments: I was given a placard, which read, "Boycott BC Hydro"” This was the company that governed the Vancouver transit lines at the time. I had read nothing about the reasons behind the bus fare hike and had no idea what "boycott" meant.

Wednesday September 7, 2022

Lynn's Comments: A friend who used a wheelchair surprised me when she told me all of the things she had accomplished that summer; I hadn't done half of the things she had done! She told me that one of her favourite songs was: "Anything you can do, I can do better."

Tuesday September 6, 2022

Lynn's Comments: When my son was in high school, he had left a pair of shoes in the front hall—again. As I bent down to pick them up, I noticed how big they were. I remembered how tiny his shoes had been just a short while ago. I realized he and his feet were now the size of an adult and it wouldn't be long before I would be wishing his shoes were still in the hallway.

Sunday September 4, 2022

Lynn's Comments: I remember being about three years old and riding my tricycle down 5th Street in North Vancouver. The wheels squeaked so loudly that one of our neighbours came out and oiled them for me. Funny the things you remember!