Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lynn's Comments: Once both kids adjusted to the idea that mom and dad were really going to leave them, they settled in to Grandma's house without much fuss. Two weeks would go by fast, and maybe we'd bring a few presents when we came home! Aaron took his teddy and Katie took her bunny. Both had been lovingly made by my mom and were washed so often, they had that floppy, misshapen look of a toy well loved. Being the eldest child gave Aaron some confidence and I knew he'd accomplish something new while we were away. Ruth prided herself in setting goals for the children. "By this time, you'll be reading at this level"- or, "by this date, you'll be out of diapers". Her years as an elementary school teacher had given her endless patience - at least where the grandkids were concerned. (Her own kids told a different story!) So, while we chose the things we'd take on our holiday, Ruth found things for Katie and Aaron to do while we were away. We were so lucky. We were so privileged - and we knew it, too!

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