Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lynn's Comments: Here is where my folks differed a great deal; my dad was always up for a hug, Mom was not. She needed her space and didn't appreciate being interrupted when she was in the middle of something - even for a bit of cuddling. She was always very busy. Life wasn't easy for the moms of the 50's. We had no car. We had a wringer washer, a leaky icebox, and a gas stove that required an engineering degree to operate. She made bread regularly and most of our clothing. She canned fruit, grew a veg and flower garden, and did all the paper work for the family and the business. She shopped and cooked and cleaned and took care of two active kids, so when she did get a few minutes to herself, she wanted to be left alone - Please! She had endless patience. She could do or fix or make just about anything. She was an artist and a writer and she should have gone to university - except that her father didn't believe in educating women! To him, it was a waste of money and time. Mom was an amazing person. We respected and admired her. She worked so hard. She gave and did so much... but, it was our dad who supplied the affection.

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