Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lynn's Comments: Ever seen one of those conveyor-belt style toasters? The kind they have at breakfast buffets? You fire a slice of bread onto a moving belt, and by the time you've plopped a wad of scrambled eggs onto your plate, the bread has moved past a heating element and has reappeared as toast. This is an efficient and practical way to manage a hungry crowd of people, all bent on getting what they want, when they want it. Going to Barbados rather reminded me of the conveyor belt toaster. White folks get off the planes, head for the beach and return to the airport tanned and toasted. Not much different than a breakfast buffet. Strange, isn't it, that many of us (white folks) equate a tanned skin with health, style and attractiveness...and yet we've maligned and criticized for centuries folks who are born with a natural tan! Makes me wonder.... how can we be so stupid and so smug at the same time?!

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