Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lynn's Comments: In my northern Ontario living room, I had several spectacular plants. One was "Rupert," a large 40 year old jade plant, the only plant I've ever named. Rupert was named because he stayed with me, no matter what. Every other house plant had died from maladies related to neglect; the plants that made up the lovely jungle in my window were simply survivors in spite of me. "Rupe" hung in there, no matter what. He was in for the long haul--and we hauled him from Lynn Lake, Manitoba to North Bay, Ontario.

I have just sold my northern home and have moved to BC where friends and family reside, and winter is like a northern spring. The lovely folks who bought my Ontario home, graciously accepted the gift of my three big plants, one of which was Rupert! Just before the moving van was about to leave the driveway, and Katie, Lane and the kids were set for their long drive across Canada, Katie ran into my empty house and took a piece of Rupert. "He has to come with us to Vancouver!" she said. After all this time, you can't abandon a friend!

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