Wednesday July 18, 2018

Lynn's Comments: When I was a teenager, The Pacific National Exhibition grounds were a short bike ride away. My friends and I would ride over the Second Narrows Bridge and around the bend to where we could see the big arc of the rollercoaster. We'd go to the park even when the fair wasn't on, and without too much in the way of security, we could roam around quite freely. One time, there was an opening in the fence around the roller coaster, so we went under the huge track and looked up at what was, for its day, one of the scariest rides in Canada. We looked at the way the ride had been engineered and how the struts had been anchored to the ground. This was exciting. The best part of our adventure was finding stuff that people had lost while they were on the ride. I found a hat, glasses, some loose change and a toy or two…but the funniest find of all was a set of dentures. We could only imagine the anger and frustration of the person who got off the ride…without their teeth!

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Originally Run: 1989-07-19
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