Monthly Archives: March 2017

Sunday March 5, 2017

Man, I was happy with this punch line. Now and then a great one comes along, and when it does, you kinda look around to thank the spirit that handed it to you. I rather think the line came from a famous player–someone who played hard but played fair. I wonder who it was.

Monday March 6, 2017

When my kids were small and I had babysitters, I enjoyed the conversation and the company of teenaged girls. They were smart, reliable, and always up for a visit. Living in an isolated community meant sparse shops, one hairdresser, and little to do on a Saturday night. It was fun for me to do their hair, experiment with nail polish, and talk about the boys they liked. It was a privilege to have their confidence, and on more than one occasion, I was asked for advice. That, I considered the best compliment of all.

Saturday March 11, 2017

The problem with this strip is that it wasn’t clear who did the "YEAAGHH!" Some readers thought it was Michael and didn’t understand. I had hoped that the old adage, "Ignore something and it will go away." would be obvious and carry the joke, but not so. We’re running it again anyway!

Tuesday March 14, 2017

If I think about it, I can still feel the sensation of having a loose tooth; the pop and sting of it being pulled out, and the metallic taste of the hole it left in my jaw. Losing my teeth meant a surge ahead: another leap towards independence!

Wednesday March 15, 2017

There was a guy we knew in Lynn Lake, Manitoba who had a front tooth missing. Into the gap, he would push a cigarette so he could talk and smoke at the same time. I liked this guy. Some folks disappear into the pit of your subconscious. Others you remember for the rest of your life!

Saturday March 18, 2017

Right now, my grand daughter is living with a fairy in her house. The fairy is happily waiting for a second tooth to be hidden under Laura’s pillow. The first tooth was replaced by a two dollar coin! Fairies are more generous these days.

Sunday March 19, 2017

This strip began with the Garfield pin. We had gone to visit Jim Davis (creator of Garfield) and his family, and had returned with some treasures–one of which was a tiny Garfield pin. I can’t remember if I ever told Jim that the pin had been lost and found, and that a Sunday page had been the result. Thanks, Jim!

Monday March 27, 2017

A young neighbour once asked me to draw her portrait. Sharon was 10 and in the "almost ready to bloom" stage. I drew what I thought was a sweet and accurate portrait, but she was miserable after she saw it. She said I had made her look ugly! She didn’t want the portrait, but her mom kept it anyway. Years later, she apologized for her rudeness. She had found the portrait in her mom’s papers, and when she saw it again as a young adult, she thought it was beautiful.