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Sunday February 9, 2020

Lynn's Comments: When I was about 8. I snuck out late at night to meet up with a pal in the lane behind our house. My friend Joanne suggested we go to her house. Her folks were away and just her sister was home–with her boyfriend. When we got there, the sister and boyfriend were on the couch busily "making out," so we decided to crawl behind the couch and scare them. Just as we got into position, Joanne stifled a laugh which alerted the romantic pair and they sprang into action. In seconds, they shoved the couch hard against the wall, pinning us both like roaches. We had nowhere to go. The threats of violence were serious. We fought hard, kicked our way to the end and squeezed out of the vice just as Joanne’s parents arrived home. Everything came to a halt. We had been saved. The amorous couple had not been discovered by the authorities and we still had all our limbs and hair. It was a close call and something I wanted to bring to the strip. Great memories!
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