Saturday July 13, 2019

Lynn's Comments: Here, Michael is served the one thing he really doesn’t want to eat.

My Aunt Margaret worked at Moir’s Chocolates during the 1950s. Every year, she’d send us a box of chocolates for Christmas. I thought she had the best job in the world. One year, when I was about 10, she came with her family from Ontario to Vancouver to visit us and I told her I would love to work in a chocolate factory. She laughed! She told me she was sick of chocolate! Apparently, the day she was sent to the packaging floor of the factory, she was told that all the employees were invited to eat as much chocolate as they wanted. She dug in! After two days, she had no desire to eat, touch or smell chocolate, and that everyone else felt the same. The Moir’s Company policy paid off. Sadly, Margie’s dislike of chocolate lasted the rest of her life!

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