Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lynn's Comments: The Lynn Lake airport was a small building with no separation between the ticket counter and the door to the tarmac. There was a small office and a washroom, but nothing to separate the departing from the departed from! The kids always wanted to watch the plane take off. If it was cold enough (and it usually was!) the snow would be a fine, light powder and when the props got up to speed, they blew a swirling cloud of snow up and around the loading area, which was exciting to see. I remember the kids' faces pressed against the window as we prepared for takeoff and I wanted to hug them one more time! I knew, however that they would soon be at Ruth and Tom's house, warm and safe, ready to chow down on homemade buns and hot oatmeal porridge.

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Originally Run: 1982-01-05
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