Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lynn's Comments: My dad always had beautiful window displays in his jewellery shop. The front windows were small, so we could really go to town--especially at Christmas. We couldn't afford new things, so we made do with wedding dresses from the Salvation Army for the snow, last year's Christmas cards for sparkles, and tinsel from our own tree. Mom found and painted tiny branches. She cut elaborate snowflakes from tissue paper saved from gifts and shoe boxes--and I have to say those windows were spectacular. Eaton's and the Hudson Bay stores in Vancouver had nothing on us. Folks would bring their kids by dad's shop windows just to see what we'd done that year, and if we were lucky, they'd come in and buy a gift or two. Interestingly, that wasn't the goal. We all loved the challenge of making that display the best it could possibly be.

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